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Many marketing and advertising agencies offer pay-per-click (PPC) advertising as one of their many services to help drive people to your business.

While Google Adwords is a great way to increase online visibility, using the platform correctly is an absolute must. Unfortunately, many agencies who offer Google Adwords and other pay-per-click campaigns either buy directly from the source (costing you more money) or they take a haphazard approach to using Google’s platform.

Choose a Google Partner

Google Partners know AdWords inside and out. They’ve passed the Google certification tests in their areas of specialization (search, display, shopping, mobile, video). But let’s be realistic here: while the certification tests aren’t easy, passing them certainly doesn’t make you an expert at AdWords.

Of course, Google doesn’t give the Partner badge to just anyone who has passed the tests. In order to earn this distinction, you must have extensive AdWords experience. All Google Partners are required to continuously meet Google’s minimum ad spend, which means Google Partners are actively managing AdWords accounts. Google Partners don’t just prove they are experts through tests. They prove they are experts by constantly managing successful campaigns.

And don’t forget that Google trusts its Partners. In the words of Google, “The badge recognizes companies we trust to help you succeed on the web with our products.” Google takes a lot of steps to make sure that trustworthy agencies are available to help.

Mastering AdWords is hard. What makes it even harder is how much it changes. There are dozens of changes to AdWords every year, and only someone who actively stays on top of these changes can continue to run a successful campaign. Google Partners often know about changes before other AdWords users. Google grants early access and often invites Partners to be part of beta programs. This means your company often has access to tools that your competitors aren’t using.

In addition to access to beta programs and other tools, Partners also have an inside track to connecting with Google. They can contact highly-qualified Google representatives directly without waiting in long lines. So if there ever is an issue with your account, or if you are looking for a better way to optimize in a specific area, a Partner can make it happen faster. Even the most knowledgeable AdWords experts sometimes have to go straight to Google for the answers. Google Partners can get in touch with the best Google reps almost instantly.

Even with the Google Partner designation available, there are still many things to watch out for as you search for the right agency to manage your digital advertising campaign. Be on the lookout for any agency that claims they work for Google. Being a Partner means Google trusts an agency, but they still don’t work for Google. They don’t have insider information regarding how the algorithm works, and they can’t offer any guarantees. However, by utilizing best practices and building off their proven expertise, Google Partners give you a much better chance of growing your business through one of the most important and most profitable digital marketing channels.

At Ingeniouscope, we work hard to maintain our Google Partner status, and we take great pride in managing successful campaigns of all sizes for our clients. Contact us today to learn more about how working with a Google Partner can help your business grow.