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Landing pages are stand-alone pages within your domain that are designed to support a certain marketing initiative, such as email marketing or, more importantly, pay-per-click.

These pages streamline your messaging, eliminate distraction and keep the visitor focused on your business objective — i.e., the action you want them to take. In most lead generation circumstances (our wheelhouse), that is contacting your business to help resolve their specific issue with your product or service.

Reasons Why You Should Use Landing Pages


1. Landing Pages Increase Conversions Rates

Landing pages are designed to be specific and drive users to sign up, purchase, or complete any of your desired actions. In some case studies conversion rates (the number of people who turn into a customer, divided by the number of people who visited the page) have reached 80%. That means 8 out of every 10 people turned into a customer!

2. Landing Pages Qualify Your Customers

Are you tired of getting people contacting you who aren’t really interested, or can’t afford your product or service? We call these inqueries to your business “unqualified leads.” They often take up your time, and are a dead end. With landing pages your leads are more qualified. They have landed on your page because they saw a specific ad, button, or web link. Your landing page should continue to hone in on exactly what you are offering. Your landing page should include:

  • Product or service description
  • Product or service benefits
  • Stats to support your claims
  • Video or media related to product/service
  • Keyworded headings
  • Form with clear direction

By adding these elements to your landing page you are almost guaranteed a lead that will convert to a paying customer.

3. Landing Pages Can Promote Multiple Products

Have multiple products or services, but only one high level services page? That’s fine, this is exactly why using landing pages is so important. Instead of using one page to talk about all your services, create a specifc landing page for each of your products or services. Having a page that is dedicated to informing users about one product through video, images, and text is a great way to increase your conversions and segment your lead traffic.

4. Landing Pages Keep Visitors on Track

First things first, if you have landing pages for your site, do they include navigation and links to outside pages? If they do, then they are not optimized for conversion. Landing pages should be designed to keep visitors interested in one thing, your product or service. Keeping distractions to a minimum and creating content that is clear and actionable is the best way to increase your conversions and the effectiveness of your landing page. Keeping visitors focused is just one reason why using landing pages can help your internet marketing.

5. Landing Pages Increase Online Ad Effectiveness

If you are paying for online Ads (PPC) and aren’t using landing pages then you are wasting your money. Online ads bring good quality traffic to your website, but if the traffic simply lands on your home page or services page the traffic is wasted. They will likely wander off to other pages, or leave your site completely. Each ad should land on a page that is optimized with keywords, design, media, and a form that relates to the ad. This is extremely important and could mean the difference between a new customer and a loss in money. The bottom line is you don’t want to pay for clicks that don’t result in a lead. Landing pages give you a much better chance at converting clicks into customers and can be extremely effective for ecommerce sites.

These are few reasons why you should use landing pages to increase your leads and get more customers! If you have questions or need help creating landing pages for your website we would love to help, contact us today!