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With the COVID-19 pandemic set to transform every industry, digital media is growing like never before. It has become the most powerful and effective marketing and communication tool. All brands are experiencing the new normal and leveraging digital media platforms to reach their audiences without interruption. Brands are utilizing this time for strategic, sharp, and focused marketing activities to grow their business.

Learning Is Rebooted

BYJU’S saw an immediate 300% increase in the number of users and they are increasing day by day. Six million new students registered on their application and overall they crossed 50 million students.

Booming eCommerce 

eCommerce companies such as Amazon did more business than ever before. Flipkart, Snapdeal sees huge traffic for items. Headsets saw a 200% increase in searches as people continue to stay logged in at home according to Flipkart.

Entertainment Goes On

Many OTT platforms have seen a minimal 20% increase in their viewers. Amazon Prime Video Daily Active Users (DAUs) increased by 83% from February 5 to March 29. Netflix also posted a 102% increase, according to KalaGato’s analysis.

Rise in Matrimonial Sites Traffic

The Indian matrimonial sites have grown like never before. Some sites are conducting weddings through video conferences. Bharat Matrimonial saw a 30% increase & claimed a 20% increase in their traffic.

Surge in use of Conference Platforms

‘Zoom’ was installed on approximately 6 million Indian smartphones out of a total of 80 million installations worldwide during the first quarter of 2020. Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack have also seen a considerable increase since the lockdown started all around the world.

It’s Time for Podcast

‘Aawaz’ has seen up to 20% growth in new listeners. Since the lockdown platform saw an increase in the users.

Creative Advertising

Honda released an advertisement recently trying to emphasize the importance of staying at home during the lockdown. Nike made a video saluting athletes from different sports. Amul re-released their old advertisements to remind everyone – how iconic the ‘Amul’ brand is.

Today, the chance of discovering your brand digitally by the audience is greater than ever. There is a fundamental change in the way people communicate. That’s why marketers are thinking – harnessing the power of digital media as the best opportunity to attract more eyeballs and launch multiple campaigns to increase the reach of their brands.

No matter whether your business is small or large, it’s a great opportunity for building relationships with your audiences. We encourage brands to trust their messages and be brave with their creativity, so as not to get lost in the ocean of similarity.