For India’s largest poultry equipment manufacturer, it was time to change things and be more relatable to new-age poultry farmers. We not only helped them to revamp their brand identity, but also to strategise their social media presence.


Lakh People Reached


Organic Leads Generated


Followers Increased

Brand Identity

A brand identity is most compelling when it evolves with the changing lifestyle demands of its audience. Our team helped Dhumal Industries to differentiate their brand from the competition with a unique identity, the tone of voice they should be using in their communication, what kind of content to put on their website, and so on.

Style Guide

To avoid leaving potential customers struggling to put the disconnected pieces of your business together, consider the benefits of creating a style guide. Our team followed certain guidelines while building style guide structure for Dhumal Industries. We examined their brand and products, researched on it, followed consistency, discipline and chose the right colour palette, typography and element placement while designing it.

Social Media Strategy

Social media strategy is a planning of social representation of your brand on social business pages. Our team helped Dhumal Industries to boost their social presence with our ingenious strategy. We assisted them in developing strategy for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. What they going to post, what they going to share we planned everything from scratch.

Social Media Management

It’s important to have good social media managers who understand the current trend and customer benefits. From posting beautiful picture on Instagram to announcing important news on Twitter – we handled social platforms for them.


We care about brand story and its message. For Dhumal Industries, we took our creative look on their journey and helped them to craft memorable corporate video.